Tor Fredheim's 12th Bi-Annual Writing Contest was a creative writing contest held in May, June, and July of 1998. Morten Haugland defeated Kim Kjeldsen and Torill Nygård in the finals.

Results Edit

Week 1: Author's Choice Edit

Week 2: Mystery Edit

  • Tomb of the Glowing Pearls by Anon Boonliang (Low)
  • Stranger In the Night by Elin Landvik (Safe)
  • Frode Myhre (Out)
  • A Cryptic Balcony by Leif Pedersen (Safe)
  • Linn Eide (Safe)
  • Monica Jenssen (Safe)
  • Morten Haugland (Safe)
  • Kim Kjeldsen (Winner)
  • Torill Nygård (Safe)

Week 3: Historical Fiction Edit

  • Anon Boonliang (Safe)
  • Elin Landvik (Winner)
  • Leif Pedersen (Low)
  • Linn Eide (Safe)
  • Monica Jenssen (Out)
  • Morten Haugland (Safe)
  • Kim Kjeldsen (Safe)
  • Torill Nygård (Safe)

Week 4: Fantasy Edit

  • Edison by Anon Boonliang (Out)
  • Ivory Knight by Elin Landvik (Low)
  • The Haunting Song of the Raven by Leif Pedersen (Safe)
  • Before the Storm by Linn Eide (Safe)
  • Empire by Morten Haugland (Safe)
  • Western Destiny by Kim Kjeldsen (Winner)
  • The Maiden and the Maiden's Tail by Torill Nygård (Safe)

Week 5: Science Fiction Edit

  • An Alternative Universe by Elin Landvik (Out)
  • Infinite Ice by Leif Pedersen (Low)
  • X44 by Linn Eide (Safe)
  • Day of the War by Morten Haugland (Winner)
  • The Falcon Fleet by Kim Kjeldsen (Safe)
  • Why I Hate Crows by Torill Nygård (Safe)

Week 6: Romance Edit

  • Hot Memory by Leif Pedersen (Out)
  • Deep Secret by Linn Eide (Safe)
  • So What? by Morten Haugland (Winner)
  • The Wife of the Chancellor by Kim Kjeldsen (Low)
  • Torill Nygård (Safe)

Week 7: Author's Choice Edit

  • Linn Eine (Out)
  • Seiner by Morten Haugland (Safe)
  • Kim Kjeldsen (Low)
  • Torill Nygård (Winner)

Week 8: When In Rome Edit

  • When In Rome by Morten Haugland (Winner)
  • When In Rome by Kim Kjeldsen (Out)
  • When In Rome by Torill Nygård (Out)
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