Tor Ronald Arnesen Fredheim (b. 1949) was a creative writing professor in Skien before coming to Shady Acres in 1986. He lives with his wife Anita, his daughter Jeanette, and his son Erik, in his cabin, which is located a few hundred yards away from the fjord. He gives writing lessons in his cabin on the weekends, and is one of three judges (along with Christine de Gala and Hans Finne) for his creative writing contest that he holds twice a year.

Bio Edit

Tor was first mentioned by Camilla Vestby; she said that her boyfriend Morten had won Tor's last contest.

Appearance Edit

Tor was a shortish, thin man with large glasses, blue eyes, and long gray hair. He had a small scar on the back of his left hand that was apparently from when he was scratched by his pet cat, Ella.

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