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Rowan was a major character in Roger Landry's novel The Other Side. She drowned at the end of Act 1.

Bio Edit

Rowan was one of the four animals who volunteered to sabotage the workers' equipment.

Rowan and Delilah were eating berries and seeds near the edge of the forest on a rainy and windy day when Delilah got caught in a cage. On Delilah's orders, Rowan ran into the forest, but was blown off a beavers' dam and into a stream while trying to cross it. She pulled herself out of the water, and signaled Harris. She told him that the war was coming, and to take her body back to her home. She died. He took her back, and the level of the creek rose, taking Rowan's body with it.

Physical appearance Edit

Rowan was a smallish raccoon – considerably smaller than her mate, Charlie. She had seven stripes on her tail, which was of average length, and a small portion of black fur from the "mask" around her eyes descended down near her upper lip.

Persona Edit

Rowan was a quiet, reserved optimist with a mysterious air around her. She was also extremely resourceful and analytic, and she once dug an entire tunnel system under the forest.

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