"I brought this onto myself, and I'm ready to face my fate … whatever it may be."


Delilah was a fox, and a character in the Adrian Yunevich and Roger Landry novel The Other Side.

Bio Edit

Delilah was first mentioned at the forest meeting, when she yelled at the crowd to be quiet so Leo could talk.[1] She volunteered to be part of the team that sabotaged the workers' equipment[2] during the meeting.

A week later, she and Rowan were eating berries near the edge of the forest when Delilah became trapped in a cage. She told Rowan to run back into the forest, and was never seen again.

Persona Edit

Delilah was a very brave and loyal fox, as shown when she became trapped in a cage, and told Rowan that she was ready to face her fate, no matter what. She was renowned for having a loud mouth and a short temper, but she was good at heart.

References Edit

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