Bjørn Larsen (born January 18, 1956) is a main character of the Adrian Yunevich and Roger Landry novel Shady Acres, the husband of Heidi Larsen and the father of Victoria and Kristin Larsen.

Physical appearance Edit

Bjørn was a tall man with a skinny head, short blonde hair, and pale blue eyes. His hands were described as "bony", and his fingers were longer and skinnier than normal.

Personality and traits Edit

Bjørn had a hard time controlling his anger, and would sometimes get physical; for example, after Rolf stole his car, Bjørn saw Rolf on his porch and slapped the book that Rolf was reading out of his hands. He was very enthusiastic and vocal about not being confined at Shady Acres. He got along fine with his wife and daughters.

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