The 1914 United States Youth Chess Championship was a youth chess championship that determined who represented America in the World Chess Championship. Merlin Davis defeated Rhea van Dyke in the finals.

Results Edit

First Round Edit

  • Earl Sanders over Fred Keeling
  • Bernard Johnson over Elvin McAllister
  • Merlin Davis over Paul Chevalier
  • Harvey Gideon over Oliver Tempest
  • Rhea van Dyke over Hilda Kristensen
  • Eleanor Sykes over Catherine Wales
  • Lulu Dudley over Ella Burne
  • Bernice Prior over Myrtle Richardson

Quarterfinals Edit

  • Bernard Johnson over Earl Sanders
  • Merlin Davis over Harvey Gideon
  • Rhea van Dyke over Eleanor Sykes
  • Lulu Dudley over Bernice Prior

Semifinals Edit

  • Merlin Davis over Bernard Johnson
  • Rhea van Dyke over Lulu Dudley

Finale Edit

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